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A telephone solicitor from ABS located in Pinellas, Florida called saying they were expanding into the Pasco county area. They offered a a/c checkup which included one lb. of freon, clean coils, anti fungus tablet in handler, 5 year air filter, oiling of all parts and calibrating thermostat all for $24.95.

When the technician arrived he removed the cover on my a/c and ask me to take a look at what he found. By the way my a/c puts out ice cold air with no problems. He said it was leaking freon and was rusty and not worth cleaning. I said to go ahead and do the $24.95 special any way. He said he would not do it because the unit was to old(1996 and working great). I insisted and he said he was going to report me to the EPA for leaking freon.

I called their service manager and he rescheduled me. The new tech was doing the check and had flushed it out and tested the freon which by the way was full. His phone rang and the caller was the other tech that had refused to work on my unit, telling him not to touch the unit. Come to find out he is this techs supervisor. The speaker phone was on so I was able to hear the conversation. This really put the technician on the spot. He was very nice and apologized but did not proceed. Of course I did not pay the $24.95. They should have paid me for the time and stress they put me through.

This is a SCAM to get their foot in your door to sell you a new A/C. The first technician tried to sell me an a/c for $4,900.00. When I told him I didn't have that kind of money, he said he could get me a two year interest free loan. He said the compressor could blow up and cause further damage. What a crock of BULL!

I am an older retired woman who they tried to take advantage of. WATCH OUT! IF THEY CALL YOU 'BUYER BEWARE'! If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! I had another company look at the a/c unit and they said IT WAS WORKING FINE, A LITTLE NOISEY BUT FINE. They said to me "You don't fix it if it's not broken". Now that is an honest and reputable company.

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ABS is an excellent company to call if you enjoy paying to replace parts that don't need to be changed. If there is an option of no air conditioning or calling them to repair my unit I would opt for opening the windows rather than being robbed. Be aware , you have been warned.


Run run run from ABS. They have been ripping folks off for years with these "specials", maintenence contracts and false repairs.

They took me for 500.00 for work they actually never did I found out later. Google for tons of complaints against them.

Tell everyone you know especially older folks who might not check the web before doing business. Good luck and god bless.

to TJV Clearwater, Florida, United States #645061

ABS AC calls every day to get you to have them service your AC. Do not answer

Your phone.

Any company that needs to Harass people with phone calls to get.



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